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Sustainable Agriculture & Livelihood

Food Security:


SES aims as livelihood opportunities in sustainable agriculture by empowering men & women (unskilled and semi-skilled) through interaction, training, exposure. So, they can escalate their lives from subsistence to sustainable level. It Involves:

  • Formation & Capacity Building of Self Help Group , Farmer Club, Federation.
  • Establishing Farmer Field School, Farmer Resource/Support Centre, Seed Bank, Grain Bank.
  • Advocacy by community members to avail benefits from government schemes.
  • End hunger and protect the right of everyone to have access to sufficient, Safe, affordable, and nutritious food& improved quality of life
  • To create Sustainable institution which can provide essential capacity building, technical input to enhance income of people engaged in the farming sector
  • Forming & strengthening community based organization, & their training & exposure.
  • Incraese in Income & availability of two time meals for whole year.
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