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Gender Equality



Men are physically stronger while women are more emotionally aware. Men are best suited as providers while women are better nurturers. Of course, there are always exceptions, but these generalizations are relative to our biological origins. We acknowledge the differences between the sexes, but who can say that one is better than the other? They balance each other out. But, in a male dominated world, masculine tendencies are utilized and associated with power. Feminists has recognized this and pushed for equality within the sexes. When women finally were able to enter the workforce, they had to prove themselves. They often forgoing their feminine qualities, and adopted male attributes. Now females are born with a disadvantage, not only do they have to ignore their natural tendencies, but learn male behavior to succeed in the workforce. Cultural norms have inhibited advancements in equality. Dominant masculinity has costs and benefits for them, in addition to the grave costs for women and girls that are universally recognized. Gender stereotypes and rigid gender roles often lead boys and men to high-risk and violent behaviors that prevent them from developing healthy relationships with girls and women, and with other boys and men. But, in last few years, we have witnessed leadership at various level has started supporting the implementation of gender mainstreaming policy. Gender equality improves position for both men and women. For instance, the goal of providing better education for women does not mean neglecting or suppressing men. By placing men and women on an equal level, the relatively increased valuing of women will also benefit men by informing them of the strengths, capabilities and contributions of members of the opposite sex in their personal as well as professional life. It may also decrease the pressure many boys/men feel to conform to the traditional roles, behaviors and ways of thinking.

SES firmly believes that while educating a boy will change a life, educating a girl will change a society. But promoting women rights does not mean, we can move forward without engaging men. Apart for promoting women rights, we give importance to engaging men and boys in promoting gender justice. Gender equality is about attitude & belief. In a traditional society, if a girl achieved in life it involves so many stakeholders especially family who valued her and invested in her from day she was born. Exploitation of men& women in any manner is curse & sign of regressive thinking & lead society to nowhere.

  • To eliminate gender disparity & discrimination.
  • To mainstream deprived and vulnerable community member (men/women both) through involvement of community and stake holder action.
  • Creating Awareness & advocating for policy which promote gender equality.
  • Gender Equality & Empowered community (Men/women ).

SES does not believe in stereo type thinking of promoting gender means promoting women rights only. We see women & men equal.

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