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Climate Change Natural Resource Management Bio Diversity Energy


SES aims in protecting and preserving resources of earth. We consider it as fundamental to human life and well-being. We integrate environmental concern in social and economic concerns for equal, prosperous, green and peaceful world.

  • To create awareness on environment among community members through rally, Folk Street, meeting, seminar, workshop.SES has initiated “Hariyali” network which can take action over environmental concerns.
  • SES has formed groups of school children, climate resilient group, and disaster management committee to combat incident causes by climate change and disaster.
  • To advocate for environment related policy to promote sustainable environment and natural resources management. Under this SES covers issue of biodiversity, climate change, energy, land & sustainable livelihood.
  • To conserve environment with sound management of land, soil, water& air etc.
  • To improve sustainable management of natural resources and reduce vulnerability of community to climate-related shocks.
  • Action of people, institution towards access to low-emission, , energy, agriculture For climate smart habitat.
  • Environmental Sustainability

We see disaster as an environmental issue

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