UDAAN, a program to empower adolescent girls living in urban slums of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India is supported by Asia Initiative. The Project covers 1500 adolescent girls (11-19 years) with SoCCS from 21 slums of Lucknow City.The program is being supported by Frauenpower in the establishment and smooth functioning of 2 Education Center in the community. The program has also continued association-ship with Kids Who Kode(KWK) for the implementation of its curriculum in digital literacy classes.

The Objective of Programme is to provide quality education (Digital & English literacy) to the girls in an enabling environment. Apart from it, the program also focused on other key skills (life skill as well as social emotional skills) the most essential aspect to increase the scope of learning beyond subject matters.


  • With support of this programme, our students are able to get better jobs with incomes increasing by at least 20-25%, thus improving the standard of living of their families. This programme ensures to empower disadvantaged children and youth with informed choices/decisions and actions related to personal, financial and social uplift.
  • The regular meetings, trainings and other community mobilization activities have increased the engagement of community members and stakeholders in the program. The rapport building exercise with the community members and stakeholders helped us to implement the program activities more efficiently even in the grim situation of COVID. The capacity building of peer educators & mentors on various social issues and life skills has enabled them to open up more in public.

Glow Club

The Glow club programme is supported by Global Glow to create and operates innovative programs that mentor girls to advocate for themselves and make their communitiesstronger.The Programme is implemented by Shohratgarh Environmental Society in Lucknow.

The Objective of Programme is to supports girl in building their:

  • Self-Advocacy Skills: with content focused on improving self-awareness, ability to share personal Needs, self-management, and personal agency.
  • Emotional Wellbeing: with content designed to improve awareness of mental and social health.
  • Educational Engagement: with content designed to promote confidence in school and the value Of education.
  • Community Engagement and Impact: with content that builds in community engagement and Community-level positive value and treatment of girls.


Arti ( Name changed), a club member of The Golden Dreams Club while working on the module Feeling safe in my community sessions shared her experience of harassment she had faced when she was much younger by one of her father’s friend who resides close by to her house. She mentioned she could not speak about it to her family as she feared that her family won’t believe her as the harasser was a known entity (close family friend). She felt alone and helpless. She wishes that parents and family as an important stakeholder in the lives of girls should support them and hear them and trust them most importantly, she wants the younger girls in her community to be heard in case they face any such challenges and speaks about these important issues outside club for a better future for other girls. Arti’s sharing got other club members emotional ad getting to feel comfortable in sharing their own stories in the safe space of club time. This incident resonates with the first and third program goals since she was able to understand the wrong that happened to her with her strong sense of self helped her to articulate it positively to have positive community engagement for positive impacts on younger girls.


The Healthy Glow programme is supported by Global Glow to Empower young girls to engage in community action and social dialogue to promote health and well-being seeking behavior. The Programme is implemented by Shohratgarh Environmental Society in Lucknow.

The objective of the Healthy GLOW program is to give girls what they need to have the confidence to advocate for their health and wellness needs,and to make positive choices for their futures.


  • While working on Healthy Glow: Life Cycle perspective, Amina-the Fireflies club member was not shy and hesitant to express her curiosity and talk about the changes that happen in our bodies through various stages in life and questioned about vaginal white discharge during club time. It showed her knowledge seeking ability about her own physical well-being as well as breaking the stereotype of silence and shame around issues of women’s health. She was able to encourage other members to feel safe and comfortable and express themselves freely without much internal conflict in club time.


With Support of NABARD, SES is implementing Wadi project in Pachpedwa block of Asia Initiatives. The total populations of tharuin the block are 24030. Tharutribals need to bring in mainstream society, to which they have brought a distinct and colorful cultural variety. They are living a sub-standard life because of their primitive mode of livelihood. Majority of them are placed below the poverty line, possessing meagre assets and are exclusively dependent on wages, forest produce and agriculture. In agriculture, they are mainly cultivator and agriculture labourers.
Therefore, there is an urgent need to uplift them from their present level of subsistence living.The programme is implemented with 450 and 50 family pn agriculture based livelihood and livestock consecutively.

The objective of programme is to create replicable models of integrated development of 500 tharu tribal families on participatory basis, through adaptation of sustainable income generating activities based on potential of the area & needs.


  • Enhanced income generating activity in 335 family for development of selected poor families and reduction in migration in tharu community..
  • Reduction in soil erosion and fertilizer loss through various land treatment.
  • Increase in the agriculture production through improved sustainable and climate resilient agriculture practices and efficient water management.


According to Lancet study, a substantial eight percent of the total disease burden in India and 11 percent of premature deaths in people younger than 70 years could be attributed to air pollution. Lucknow is 7th most air polluted city in the world. Sources of outdoor air pollution in urban slums in Lucknow can be attributed to dust, burning of trash, vehicle and industrial emissions. Due to poor ventilation in house of slums, outdoor air pollutants infiltrate into households raising levels of indoor air pollution. Both kind of air pollution increases the burden of air pollution in deprived slums of Lucknow.

The objective of the programme is to promote youth led action to reduce health impact of air pollution in Lucknow.


  • A network 2000 of youth has been created during the programmeperiod.whichThey have started taking up air pollution among citizen . They have taken pledges for better air quality along with bringing issue into mainstream discussion. As vehicular emission is largest contribution to air pollution in the assess along with dust, pollen, wood smoke and indoor air quality.
  • Organization has engaged local community leaders and engaged them in disseminating information on negative impact of air pollution on health in their community. They have actively participated in campaigns and meeting to reduce impact of air pollution.


In 2011, Shohratgarh Environmental Society (SES) started working on conservation of Kala Namak with support of Tata Trusts. Over the period of six years, SES has worked with 300 small and marginal farmers on Kala Namak. In continuation to strengthen the group of farmers, a farmer producer company Bodhhisattva Agro Farmer Producer Company was formed in 2020.

The objective of programme is to strengthen farmer Producer Company which focuses on happiness and well-being for small, marginalized and landless farmers by creating sustainable livelihood by improving productivity and providing market linkage for the Kala Namak rice


  • The enhanced income of 300 farmers engaged in Kala Namak Rice.
  • The Black harvest name for the brand is decided.Marketing & promotion of Kalanamak brought more visibility to Framer Producer Company at local and state level.
  • The FPO has identified 65 buyers and sold 50 quintal of Black harvest in the year.


CHILDLINE 1098, a phone number that spells hope for millions of children across India. CHILDLINE is India’s first 24-hour, toll-free, emergency phone service for children in need of aid and assistance. It does not only respond to the emergency needs of children but also links them to services for their long-term care and rehabilitation. Not only a child, a concerned adult can also dial 1098, the toll-free number to access the services of the CHILDLINE. Shohratgarh Environmental Society is collaborative agency for district Siddharthnagar.

The objective of Childline is to reach out to every child in need and ensure their rights and protection through the Four Cs:

  • • Connect: through helpline
  • • Catalyze: through active advocacy
  • • Collaborate: through networks
  • • Communicate: to make child protection a priority


  • The evidence demonstrates that helplines achieve improvements in relation to a range of child-centred outcomes, notably children’s wellbeing, self-confidence, levels of anxiety and distress, and ability to deal with their current situation. It shows that children value professionals they can trust, who are effective, knowledgeable and available to them.
  • Benefits sought and valued by children of district include the competence of the service provider, feeling welcome, and being able to talk about issues of concern. In some cases, help-seekers put more emphasis on emotional support than onproblem-solving. Indeed, the most positive effect of a helpline for a child can be establishing in the child’s mind that they are being listened to and understood.

Girl Boss

The Girl Boss program consists of 10 levels in which girls develop business ideas, learn how to market and advocate for their businesses, create their own business plans, identify and build their networks, and learn how to present their businesses! Participants in the program range in age from 14 to 20, and have the choice to complete the course individually or to join small groups—these small group environments ensure each girl receives individualized attention and encouragement from a designated Girl Boss Advisor, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from her peers.

Grow Fund

The grow fund is supported by Edelgive foundation. To develop robust, lean, and well-designed set of processes (e.g., decision making, planning, reviews) for effective and efficient functioning of organization. The other objectives are:
  • To develop and refine concrete, realistic, and detailed HR plan; critical mass of internal expertise in HR planning to changing organizational needs and to support growth and development of SES as well as of staff.
  • To develop sophisticated, comprehensive, and interactive website and social media as a tool for communicating and sharing the organization´s actions.
  • To develop strong, high-impact, relationships with variety of relevant entities (local, state, and for-profit, other nonprofit, and community agencies) for stable, long-term, mutually beneficial collaboration
The fund focuses to improve fundraising through effective communication and operations.